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Learn to sing like Katy Perry & shine like a Firework!

Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ is a great song! I love how it’s all about the fact that You Are a Firework! In other words, you have amazing awesomeness in you and it’s time to let it shine!


The Top 3 tips on how to sing like Lady Gaga and have the Edge of Glory!

Wana know how Lady Gaga sings and why audiences around the world flock to see her?


How to sing high notes -the No. 1 thing you should NOT do

Do you find singing high notes really hard sometimes?

That note you’re trying to sing feels like an unreachable star?

And you try and try, but you end up straining and the sound that comes out is nowhere near the beautiful sound you wish would come out?

Did you know, that a huge part of the reason is something that you’re doing – probably unconsiously – that you should NOT be doing when trying to sing that high note?


How to sing ROCK – Singing techniques

Want to sing rock?

Well for all you rock-chicks and guys out there, this video will introduce a fun technique to add a rough edge to your voice which will make you sound like a rock-god!


How to sing without running out of breath

In this video I take you through effective breathing technique for this song which will help you not run out of breath and keep your pitching of the notes.


How to warm up your voice in the morning

Hate that you sound like a frog in the morning and would love to know how you can sound clear as a bell in just a few minutes?


How to sing without straining

A revolutionary exercise that opens your throat and frees constriction so that you can sing with full freedom without straining.


How to strengthen your voice – Vocal Techniques

Ever wondered why you can’t sing with the strength you’d like to and why your voice sometimes sounds weak and breathy?

In this video, I explain why this happens and give an exercise that if practiced regularly will develop strength in the voice, making it stronger and less breathy.


Marques Toliver – Singing Violinist or Violin Playing Singer?

Marques Toliver has such a soulful voice. I love that he accompanies himself solely on violin. Amazing!

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