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Vocal Techniques – How to sing without straining Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 on How to Belt without Straining.


Singing Techniques | how to improve your singing voice -Webinar 2

What I hope to cover today is the teaching points of workout #2. We’re going to get right in now and we’re going to start with teaching points of workout #2 and then I’m going to teach you again, give you a really cool exercise to use to apply to a song that you want to improve.


Singing Techniques – How to sing high notes & mix your voice

I hope that you’re ready because workout #3 in the Build Your Best Voice program is a big one! As usual, I want to try and cover all the teaching points of workout #3 which is actually tracks 25-39 in the Build Your Best Voice Audio program.


Singing techniques | voice lessons online -Webinar 1

I’m so excited there are so many of you all around the world. If you didn’t know, I’m in Melbourne, Australia. I want to welcome you into my studio here.


How to sing with strength, flexibility & perfect pitching – Singing Techniques

Webinar 5 is by far going to be the best one! So workout #5 is tracks 54-66 of the Build Your Best Voice complete training program. In workout #4, we worked on a Bit Bit… and Ahh exercise, if you remember that. And the whole point of that was that the Bit Bit will help you to place the Ahh really really forward.


Singing techniques -forward placement & connecting your chest/head voice

Welcome to Webinar #4 everyone of Build Your Best Voice! So we’re going to start with teaching points in workout #4, which is tracks 40-53. After we’ve done that, again I’m going to show you how to apply some exercises to make your songs better.


How to sing without breaking and mix your voice

Do you want to learn to sing without breaking? In this video, I give a very effective exercise to practice to help solve this problem. In order to sing with a fully connected voice that doesn’t sound like it’s changing gears and breaking – we need to develop a strong ‘mixed’ voice – which is all about using an appropriate amount of both chest and head voice when we sing certain notes.


How to warm up your voice – practice video

This video complements my ‘How to effectively Warm up your voice’ video which was Part 3 of my “How to sing 101” short course series.


How to sing Musical Theater -Singing Techniques

This video discusses 2 Styles of Musical Theater.


How to sing Katy Perry’s Roar – Singing Tips

Katy Perry sings “Roar” with:
-Use of Forward Resonance
-Staccato Vibe
-Glottal Onset
-High Belting

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