The Singers Roadmap- My FREE Step by Step HOW TO SING Guide

If you haven’t already, SIGN UP HERE to get it: In today’s video I will explain to you in detail what exactly The Singers Roadmap is! I’ve organised all my videos and content into a weekly online course so every week you’re going to get one of my videos, blog posts or podcasts or […]
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4 Steps to Achieving Your Singing Goals in 2015

In today’s video I share with you 4 steps to achieving your singing goals in 2015! Step 1: Look backTake a moment to look back over 2014 and celebrate how far you’ve come! Step 2: Look insideLook inside your mind and heart and ask yourself “What do I want to achieve as a singer in […]
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How To Strengthen Your Middle Voice

Today I answered a question from one of my Songbirds named Alison. Her question is about how to strengthen the notes in the middle of your range. 3 key points: 1. Strengthen your head voice 2. Lighten your chest voice 3. Twang your way over the break So there you go, 3 tips to help […]
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How to Find Your Unique Voice & Vocal Style

In today’s video, I will be sharing with you my Top 5 tips on ‘How To Find Your Unique Voice & Vocal Style’. Here are my top 5 tips : 1. What do you have playing on repeat on your iPod now? 2. Your unique voice will evolve. 3. Have fun with diverse musics. 4. […]
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