Why do you sing? Tea Time With Kerri

Today we go heart to heart again in another Tea Time With Kerri!I ask you a super important question that will help propel you forward in your singing dreams. And that is WHY DO YOU SING? Coz when the going gets tough you really need to know with conviction what your big WHY is or […]
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How To sing Flashlight by Jessie J

In this video, I answer 2 crucial questions that will help you sing Jessie J’s Flashlight AND help you sing the way you want: 1. How does Jessie J sing gently but not sound weak?2. How does Jessie J sing powerfully but not strain? In answer to these questions I will cover essentials on: 1. […]
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How to be an artist by building your digital presence – with Evynne Hollens

Today I got to have a chat with the beautiful Evynne Hollens – YouTube Artist, Live Performer, Recording Artist, Voice Teacher, Theatre Director and Mum! Evynne reveals some super golden nuggets as she shares her story about :- how she became a full time artist- why singing on cruises ships helped her get grounded!- why […]
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Can anyone sing? Is singing only for the naturally talented?

Hello Songbird, This is a new segment I’ve created because I want to have a heart to heart chat with you over a cup of tea. In this first episode I discuss the question of “Can anyone sing?” “Is singing only for the naturally talented?” I share my own story of struggle and some other […]
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