Freedom to sing & be you - How to be FREE

Freedom to sing & be you – How to be FREE

How To Be Free – The Freedom To SING & be YOU – Tea Time with Kerri Check it out: Join us in the Fight For Freedom and help us spread the word to raise awareness about human trafficking by supporting us on social media: Follow, “Like” & Share:
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natalie weiss

Broadway, American Idol & True Singing Success – Singing Career Tips with Natalie Weiss

Today I got the opportunity to chat with Natalie Weiss – the amazingly talented Singer/Voice Teacher/Actress & Creator of the insanely amazing webshow Breaking Down The Riffs Natalie talks candidly about the ups and downs of the artist life including : – Her best experience on Broadway working alongside the Broadway superstar Sherie...
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new blog post July15

How to sing rock – how to sing growl

In this video, I cover some basic foundational knowledge of how to sing rock and use vocal distortion to make rock effects like growling/rumble/creek and vocal fry. There are 4 main characteristics of rock singing that I cover in this tutorial: 1. Intense raw passion2. High effort level and intensity3. Chest voice/Belt heavy4. Vocal distortion [&he...
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maichimp Aug5

How to Get Grounded ! Breathing, Vocal Technique & Mindset

Songbird, today we’re gonna hang out again in another tea time together and I just can’t wait!On my heart to share today is what it truly means to get grounded so that you can really take flight and sing!We’re gonna explore 3 aspects of getting grounded:1. Physical 2. Technical3. Mindset My desire is to see […]
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