How to sing “Let it go” from Frozen

Click here to get FREE Module 1 of Build Your Best Voice Complete Training Program In this video, I showed some keys in how to sing the hit song “Let it Go” from the amazing movie Frozen and specifically I’m going to compare and contrast the different versions by Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato, so […] read more

How to Take Care of Your Voice – Vocal Health Tips

Click here to get the First Module (13 Audio Tracks) of my Complete Vocal Training Program for FREE! Click here to find out more about Build Your Best Voice Complete Training Program 4 main things that you should do, to take very good care of your voice. So that your voice has longevity and is […] read more

My Sell Out Show Highlights & How To Come To My Live Web Concert

Click here to find out more about the Live webshow! Today I’m sharing a very special video – highlights of me and Bell (my musical partner in crime!) in our recent and very first duo sold out show. Many have written to me saying they wished they could be in Melbourne to come to the […] read more

How to sing from your diaphragm – Singing Tips

Have you been advised to sing using your diaphragm before but not 100% sure what that means or what you’re supposed to do to engage your diaphragm correctly? Well, I’m excited to share with you how you can maximize the use of your diaphragm to achieve powerful and beautiful vocal tones in your voice. I’ll […] read more

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