Behind The Scenes & New FREE Vocal Training Course!

Get Your FREE “9 Essential Steps To Transform Your Voice by signing up today”! The Songbird Tree has had a make-over! Myself and my wonderful team have been working our butts off to make the site better so that we can better help you achieve your singing goals. And it all goes live TOMORROW ! […]
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How to deal with rejection, auditions & BELT like a diva with Mary Saunders-Barton

Click here to check out Mary’s amazing resource & learn how to belt In this interview, Mary Saunders-Barton shared generously nuggets of gold! Listen and be inspired by a story of one of Mary’s students who did not let what other people say hinder her and instead took it positively to win her dream musical […]
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How to sing smoothly over your vocal break

Click here to see resource page How to belt and mix your voice  Today I answered a question from one of my Songbirds named Melissa. Her question is about how to consistently cross back and forth over the vocal break. 2 Keys 1. Singing in the mask 2. Flexibility to balance & move quickly between […]
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How To Sing With Confidence and Shine Brighter With Kimberley Smith

Click here to view more details about Kim’s ebook, Shine Brighter! In this video, vocal coach, singer, artist, and creative entrepreneur, Kimberley Smith revealed great insights and personal experiences that I believe would benefit many singers. That’s why I interviewed her for you! She disclosed her feeling like a failure because she could...
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